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Tourists at Angkor Wat. Stock Photos by saiko3p / Shutterstock
Tourists at Angkor Wat. Stock Photos by saiko3p / Shutterstock

via The Star, 08 April 2019: Food ban in the Angkor temples

Cambodia is asking visitors of its famed Angkor Wat complex to stop bringing in outside food in an effort to limit littering at the home of the Unesco World Heritage-listed site.

A new rule prohibits tourists from bringing in packaged food during sunrise or sunset visits to the temples, where food remains and rubbish are often left behind by many of the complex’s few million annual visitors.

No penalties will be enforced, however, says Long Kosal, spokesman for Apsara Authority, which manages the 400sq km Angkor Archaeological Park.

“Of course, you can bring in the food but you have to find a suitable place to consume your food,” Kosal says, explaining that people should not eat inside or near temples, which are sacred religious sites.


Please stop bringing outside food to Angkor Wat

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