Last Updated: 4 January 2023
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Buy me a coffee

This site is maintained in a personal capacity with my own financial resources. The costs of running the site is offset in part by advertising and affiliate links (see my disclosures here), and through my annual crowdfunding appeal. If you wish to support this site directly, please consider Buying Me a Coffee.

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A big THANK YOU to all my previous supporters listed below. There are also many others who have opted to remain anonymous, and your contributions have helped in the maintenance of this website: Bérénice Bellina, Bill, Gary Bingham, Alison Carter, Ya-Liang Chiang, Angela Chiu, Wesley Clarke, Nick Coffill, Bernard Cohen, Louise Cort, Aedeen Cremin, Erika Daum-Karanitsch, Jim Dodge, Sharon Dowley, Jim Fitton, Beverley Frankel, Arnoud Haag, Charles Higham, Hsiao-chun Hung, Lalaine Little, Terry Little, Terry Lustig, Louise Macul, John Miksic, Martin Polkinghorne, David Rogers, Veronica Walker, Patricia and Matthew Welch, Spencer Wells.