A Guide to Digital Resources on Southeast Asian Archaeology

This page is a starting point for anyone looking to delve further into the archaeology of Southeast Asia

Since 2006, this website has indexed over 6,000 news articles related to Southeast Asian Archaeology and amassed over 100 links to useful digital resources; The challenge has been to sort and present this information in meaningful ways for researchers and users wanting to learn more. Besides the navigation bar and search function at the top of the page, this directory is themed around countries and regions, specific topics, and research resources:

Research Resources

  • Online Lecture Library: A searchable collection on publicly-available lectures related to Southeast Asian archaeology. Over 180 lectures and counting.
  • Journals and Research Papers: All about academic papers and the publication outlets that host the latest research. Contains a list of journals relevant to Southeast Asian archaeology.
  • Data Repositories and References: Digital archives and specialised collections for researchers
  • Books: Book recommendations, notices of latest and freely-available books.
  • Conferences: News about past events and calls for upcoming conferences.
  • Laws and Legislation: Collection of local laws, legislation and international charters relevant to Southeast Asian archaeology.
  • Education: A list of universities where you can study about the archaeology of Southeast Asia.
  • Digital Toolkit: Software and digital tools that I use for archaeological research, with many available for free.

Countries and Regions

The reference basis for ‘Southeast Asia’ are the modern countries that make up the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, plus East Timor:

For the purposes of this website, Southeast Asia is also divided into three regions. Mainland Southeast Asia and Island Southeast Asia are commonly used terms, and while Peripheral Southeast Asia refers to the countries and regions just outside, including:


Artifact Type

Archaeological Subfield

The study of archaeology can be further divided into specific subfields. This is not an exhaustive list, and here are some pages devoted to specific subdisciplines.

Other Themes

These are other common themes that come up in the study of the human past in Southeast Asia. An evolving list.

  • Buddhism: Archaeology of Buddhism in Southeast Asia
  • Disaster Risk Management: Protecting or mitigating damage to archaeological sites and collections from catatrophic events
  • Hinduism: Archaeology of Hinduism in Southeast Asia
  • Islam: Archaeology of Islam in Southeast Asia
  • Tourism: Archaeological and Cultural Tourism in Southeast Asia

Places to Visit


Websites (Blogs, Listservs, Facebook groups, etc)


  • EFEO Jakarta blog (French/Bahasa Indonesia) – Blog run by the Jakarta branch of the Ecole Francaise d’Extreme-Orient.
  • International Council of Monuments and Sites, PhilippinesICOMOS Philippines maintains a blog on the industrial heritage of the Philippines.
  • It Surfaced Down Under! – A blog by Damien Huffer discussing the looted antiquities trade in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • KhmerImagery – Page by Dr Vittorio Roveda on the Archaeology of Imagery from the Khmer Empire.
  • Reminiscing Old Java – Blog dedicated to sharing information about old Javanese civilization, including heritage, history, and culture. Last updated 2016.
  • Tea Circle – Forum for new and emerging perspectives on Burma/Myanmar during its current period of political and economic transition.

Facebook Groups

Personal Pages

  • Alison in Cambodia – Dr Alison Carter of the University of Oregon works in Cambodia. The website is less updated nowadays, but still some good content on it. More active on Facebook.
  • Michael Vickery memorial page – Devoted to the late Prof. Michael Vickery, contains a list of his publications.
  • Pinisi – Site by Horst Liebner about the Sulawesi boatbuilding tradition.
  • Rasmi Shoocongdej – Personal website of Dr Rasmi Shoocongdej of Silpakorn University, Thailand.
  • Stephen B. Acabado – Personal website of Dr Stephen Acabado of University of California at Los Angeles.

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