Ban on food inside Angkor complex

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Source: Khmer Times 20190304
Source: Khmer Times 20190304
Source: Khmer Times 20190304

via Khmer Times, 4 Mar 2019: The move is to stem littering in the Angkor complex.

The Apsara Authority has banned visitors from eating food in the World-heritage temple complex.

Hang Pov, Apsara Authority director, said in a letter dated Thursday that the authority wished to remind relevant parties that the Angkor area is a World Heritage Site with many famous temples, especially Angkor Wat, and that eating food in the complex is now banned.

“In order to preserve the precious Khmer legacy and to maintain public order and good sanitation, we ban all food, especially packed meals brought in during sunrise or sunset visits, in the temple complex,” he said.

Source: Ban on food inside Angkor complex – Khmer Times

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Bagan’s sunset-watching ban to start in 6 months

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Myanmar authorities make good on banning sunset watching from the ancient pagodas, and alternative viewing platforms will be built in the next six months.

The ancient city of Bagan will complete setting up five sites for a sunset viewing in six months and upon completion, visitors will be banned from watching the sunset from ancient pagodas and temples, Union Minister for Religious Affairs and Culture Thura Aung Ko told the local media after a parliamentary session of the Upper House held Tuesday.

Source: Bagan’s sunset-watching ban to start in 6 mths

Tourist ban on touching stupas and Buddhas of Borobudur

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Borobudur authorities are enforcing a ban on touching stupas and Buddhas in an effort to preserve the site from damage.

Tourists banned from touching Borobudur statues, stupa
Jakarta Post, 27 July 2016

Travelers visiting Borobudur Temple in Central Java should avoid touching and stepping on the temple’s stupa in order to preserve one of the world’s most sacred heritage sites.

Borobudur Conservation Agency public relations officer Mura told that authorities had consistently warned tourists through the loudspeaker regarding the matter.

“Touching the stupa can cause damage to the temple. Although it’s made from stone, it can be broken. The bottom part of the stupa has become soft and it lost its original shape due to being touched repeatedly by tourists,” said Mura while showing a palm print that had corroded the temple’s stone.

Borobudur was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. Built in the 8th century, it is the biggest Buddhist monument in the world.

Full story here.

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Enforcement of appropriate clothing at Angkor

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Last month a clothing restriction was enforced in Angkor to prevent inappropriately dressed tourists from entering the temple grounds.

Cambodia to ban tourists wearing “revealing clothes” to visit famed Angkor
Xinhua, 05 July 2016

Angkor Wat in Cambodia dress code: Ban on scantily clad tourists
The Border Mail, 13 July 2016

Tourists wearing “revealing clothes” will be barred from visiting Cambodia’s famed Angkor archeological park from August 4, an official said on Tuesday.

Long Kosal, deputy chief of the communications department of the Apsara Authority, which manages the ancient site, said that tourists should wear proper clothes when they buy tickets for visiting the Angkor archeological park, otherwise ticket-sellers will not sell them the tickets.

“We will not allow any tourists wearing revealing clothes to visit the Angkor archeological park from August 4, 2016,” he told Xinhua. “Wearing revealing clothes offends Cambodian custom, tradition, and women’s dignity.”

Full stories here and here.

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‘Foreign’ lion ban brings about confusion

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Source: Viet Nam Net 20150113

A recent ban on ‘foreign’ non-Vietnamese lions has caused confusion among temple and heritage custodians; the aim behind the ban was intended to restore the purity of Vietnamese culture, but this move has met with resistance from people who (understandably) don’t want things to change, and staff who cannot distinguish between ‘local’ and ‘foreign’ lions.

Source: Viet Nam Net 20150113

Source: Viet Nam Net 20150113

Ministry orders removal of foreign-style stone lions
Viet Nam Net, 13 January 2015
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Buses banned into Angkor Thom, then unbanned

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A decision to ban buses from entering Angkor Thom starting from August 1 was abruptly reversed last month. The decision would affect buses carrying more than 12 passengers into the Angkor Thom complex and authorities say that the ban will be postponed after it has concluded talks with the tourism bodies. Having seen the weekend crowds at Angkor, a bus ban might be a good idea!

north gate entrance to angkor thom
photo credit: Dave_B_

Bus ban in Angkor Thom
Phnom Penh Post, 22 July 2010

Angkor Thom bus ban delayed
Phnom Penh Post, 29 July 2010
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