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Comments 9


    very interested in SEA Archeology, mostly Vietnam, this website is precious


    Would like to know if any further update on Kota Gelanggi in Johore State of Malaysia. Where is Dr Raimy Che-Ross now..? Though dispelled as “Do Not Deny The Existence But Found No Evidence”, I hope Dr Raimy will not give up in his quest to reveal the truth.

    Retired Sessions Court Judge
    Ipoh. Perak

  3. Jim Placzek says:

    General interest whenever archaeological evidence interacts with historical linguistics.

  4. Prof. Choodamani Nandagopal says:

    I am happy to see this site. Many of the sites of this region I have visited. For an art historian, having larger interest in Archaeology This site will be very useful. I would be glad to share my articles/papers on this blog. Thanks

  5. I am happy to visit this website.
    Thanks for bringing me to this site.

  6. Chanthiva KEOKANYA says:

    I am very happy to visit this website.
    Thank you so much to bring me to this site ^^.

    Chanthiva KEOKANYA

  7. Ned Rollo says:

    I study early Lan Xang Kingdom Buddhist icons (1354 – 1707 CE) and am very interested in the anthropology of SE Asia overall. Thank you for the opportunity to access your excellent site.

  8. Gopal Chippalkatti says:


  9. Anamika Pathak says:

    Good site to understand the common culture in the region. Thanks

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