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A fossil tortoise is found in Java, amidst some rock-shaped balls that suggests hominids hunted them using tools.

East Java Villager Finds Tortoise Fossil
Jakarta Globe, 02 July 2014

A local villager has discovered the remains of a prehistoric tortoise last week in Ngebung village, near the Sangiran Dome in Central Java, which was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1996 for an abundance of fossils.

According to the Sangiran Prehistoric Site Conservation Agency (BPSMP), the find is very special as it is the first fossil of a tortoise discovered in the area. The fossil was found in good condition with almost 60 percent of its parts still joined.

“The nearly flat shell indicates that the prehistoric tortoise was of gigantic size compared to currently living tortoises. But we are still doing further studies to properly identify the species,” BPSMP conservation head Rusmulia Hidayat said.

Full story here.

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