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There are many online lectures, talks and presentations related to the archaeology of Southeast Asia covering topics architecture, underwater archaeology, epigraphy, ceramics, and museum collections. The Covid-19 crisis and working from home has accelerated the proliferation of online talks and presentations. The initial collection began with 90 lectures spanning from 2010-2019, but has doubled in 2020 alone. The knowledge in these lectures are probably worth several university courses worth of lectures!

This page will be updated periodically, with new lectures appearing at the top. Most of them are found on YouTube and Facebook and are in English. Owing to the large and ever-growing number of lectures, I’ve put them in a table format, and you can sort them by date, speaker, title or region/country of focus. There is also a very useful search function just for this table.

If you are aware of any lectures that are not on the list, especially if they are not in English, please drop me an email or leave a comment so that I can update the list.


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