Looking for recommended reading, or even free books?

A good place to start is this crowdsourced list of the most influential books on Southeast Asian Archaeology. There are also book recommendations in the individual country pages:

The archive below contains posts about recent books that have come to my attention. Not all of them are for sale, some of them are free. You should also check out the recently-published research papers and academic journals indexed on this site. Finally, there is a list of external booksellers at the end of this page.

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Post archive: Southeast Asian Archaeology Books

The news reports indexed below usually link to external sites that were active at the time of posting; sometimes websites may be temporarily down or may have reorganised their underlying architecture or have even closed down – in these cases the links may not be available. Please note the dates and deadlines of the conferences, as they may already have passed.

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These are links to external sites and unless stated, I have no connection with the organisations or entities in these links or control over their content. They are sorted alphabetically, but you should also explore the Resources page which have links sorted by themes. If you have a link to suggest, please get in touch!

  • Areca Books – Based out of Penang, Has a niche focus on works on social history, biographies, cultural heritage, architecture, the environment and visual arts
  • Fine Arts Department Bookstore – Run by the Fine Arts Department of Thailand. Most publications are in Thai.
  • River Books – Specialist publisher based out of Thailand with a selection of archaeology and cultural heritage-related articles from the region.
  • SEAMEO SPAFA Publications – Most of SEAMEO SPAFA’s publications going back 40 years can be download from this site as PDFs [Disclosure: I work full-time for SEAMEO SPAFA and I manage this publications page as well].

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