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Some more news about the new sites from the Purbalingga regency – it seems that 50, not 15 sites were found, and among some of the more unusual finds are stone rings made of jasper.

Stone-age rings unearthed at prehistoric Purbalingga sites
Jakarta Post, 13 July 2009

An archeological research team from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and the Purwokerto-based Jendral Sudirman University has discovered at least 50 new sites rich in prehistoric relics along the Kliwang River in Purbalingga, Central Java.

The team continued its search along the riverbanks in Dagang village over the weekend, expecting more findings.

“We found stone relics made from green jaspers in the form of rings,” team leader Sudjatmiko said Saturday.

“We believe the stones are from the Neolithic period, or the new stone age.”

He added the stones, which were prehistoric man-made pieces, had been found near a waterfall and in rice paddies in the village.

Based on these findings, Sudjatmiko went on, the team concluded that humans at that time began creating aesthetic items, in addition to other items they made that served specific functions.

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