Museums expose treasures of the past

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This feature in the Jakarta Post talks about the different museums in Jakarta – the National Museum, the Jakarta History Museum, the Wayang Museum and the Arts and Ceramic Museum are some of the 50 museums in Indonesia’s capital.

Museums expose treasures of the past
Jakarta Post, 13 January 2008
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Indonesian museums face the future

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14 September 2007 (Jakarta Post) – Two stories featuring the museums in Jakarta, both concerned with how to make museums more relevant for a future, different public.

Indonesian National Museum
Creative commons picture by superciliousness.

Museums ‘need a new funding scheme’ to grow in the future

A new funding scheme is needed to enable city-run museums to expand their preservation and promotional activities and to encourage more visitors to enjoy Indonesia’s cultural and heritage collections, an official said.

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Discover Jakarta's History

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29 August 2007 (Jakarta Post) – If you’re in the Indonesian capital this month, do take a stop over the Jakarta History Museum to discover the history of the city in this month-long exhibition. This article also gives a good overview on the history of Jakarta.

Jakarta Post, 29 Aug 2007

Museum visitors get chance to explore open history book
Mustaqim Adamrah

Most Jakartans have only a sketchy idea of the seminal events of their city’s history, which is why the Jakarta History Museum in Kota, West Jakarta, is presenting an exhibition that helps visitors “fill in the gaps” and rediscover the past.

“Many of the older people living in Jakarta come from places outside the city. They come here to work, looking for money, and go back to where they belong when they get enough,” museum head R. M. Manik said Tuesday after the exhibition opening.

“That’s why so few Jakartans have more than a fleeting impression of the capital’s history,” he said.

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Prehistoric artifacts on display in Indonesia

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30 June 2006 (Jakarta Post) – Exhibition on prehistoric finds in and around Jakarta until end-July.

Prehistorical artifacts on display

A monthlong exhibition at the Jakarta History Museum, which opened Thursday, is showcasing prehistorical artifacts found during excavations in and around Jakarta.

The artifacts exhibited are mainly those found by archeologists from the Jakarta Culture and Museums Agency, the National Archeological Research Center and archaeology students at the University of Indonesia.

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