Public Lecture: Archaeology of Your Family

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Budding archaeologists in Singapore might look no further than in your very own storeroom! Catch Archaeologist Lim Chen Sian this Saturday at the Singapore National Library about the Archaeology of Your Family. Register at this website.

Date/Time: Saturday Jul 4, 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Venue: The Plaza in National Library Building

Remember that moth eaten battered suitcase that used to sit under the bed? How about that ceramic dish with tacky floral prints? Recall that toothpaste did not always come in a tube? Was toothpaste the preferred oral cleaning agent in the first place? Strange as it may seem, but in a relatively short period of a decade or quarter century has removed much from the living memory, yet there are many when prompted who will still vividly recall the not so distance past.

Join archaeologist Lim Chen Sian as he takes you on a trail of discovering artifacts, the past and lost memories of your own family! Grandmother’s Storeroom is a fun filled workshop for the anyone (particular the parent and child) to explore and uncover their own family history through the artifacts found beneath the dust in the family (or Grandmother’s) storeroom. Archaeology isn’t just for crusty old fogies poking about in dirt, be enthralled as you investigate the odd curios and bits found within your own home!

Workshop includes a slide lecture on archaeological research, archaeological recording sheets, “Storeroom Archaeology Booklet”, instructor’s demonstration kits/trunks.