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A forgotten wall to a lunatic asylum has been discovered in Singapore, dated to 1887.

Lunatic asylum wall in Singapore. Source: The Straits Times 20141117

Lunatic asylum wall in Singapore. Source: The Straits Times 20141117

Discovered in SGH: Perimeter wall of one of Singapore’s oldest psychiatric hospitals
Channel NewsAsia, 17 November 2014

Wall from 1887 lunatic asylum rediscovered within SGH
Straits Times, 17 November 2014

Explorer finds remains of 1887 lunatic asylum
Today, 17 November 2014

One of the perimeter walls of a 127-year-old obsolete 19th century lunatic asylum has been discovered in the compound of the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), at the side of a hill near Macalister Road.

The National Heritage Board (NHB) said on Monday (Nov 17) that it was alerted to the discovery of the New Lunatic Asylum by Charles Goh – co-founder of the Asian Paranormal Investigators – in September.

Said Mr Goh: “I superimposed old maps against new maps and I looked at the profile of the land change, the geography of it. And I found that this forested area has not changed since the old times, therefore I decided to just take a walk and see what things you can find.

“I stumbled upon this crumbling 3-metre-high old wall. So when I studied more maps from the National Archives, I realised that it is actually part of the old Lunatic Asylum.”

Full story here.

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