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The state of Sarawak is setting up a special budget to help document the relics and history of World War II in the state, particularly in the interior where access can be a problem. However, the article makes it sound as if the senior citizens are the ones being called the relics!

Special budget to recover, preserve war relics in Sarawak
Borneo Post, 26 March 2012

Promoting World War II relics as state’s tourism product in the offing — Liwan
Borneo Post, 27 March 2012

Ministry to fund efforts to discover and preserve state’s wartime relics
The Star, 27 March 2012

A special budget would be proposed next year to preserve and document war relics and history in Sarawak, state Assistant Minister of Culture and Heritage, Liwan Lagang said today.

He said the amount to be set aside would depend on the scope of work but there was great urgency to do this as those having information on the war history and relics were all in their advanced age.

“As such, we have to do this fast. If these senior citizens are no longer around, we will be losing the information,” he told reporters after opening an exhibition on Bario Commando Heritage at the Art Museum, here.

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