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Sungai Batu Archaeological Site. Source: RollingGrace.com

via RollingGrace.com, 01 August 2019: Travel piece on the ruins at the Bujang Valley and Sungai Batu (although the headline looks suspiciously familiar…)

Southeast Asia’s oldest ancient civilizations were made up of Buddhists and Hindus, and Sungai Batu is here to prove it.

Sungai Batu is an archaeological site in northern Malaysia, and it holds the ruins of several Hindu-Buddhist temples dating back to the 8th and 11th century. The site, which is located in Merbok of the Kedah state, is believed to have existed since 535 BC. It was a former thriving international entrepot, an iron smelting hub, as well as a religious center.

Source: This Malaysian Temple is Older Than Angkor Wat! | Rolling Grace

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