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via Khaosaod English, 19 October 2018: Tourists behaving badly – Two tourists caught on CCTV spray painting on the ancient gates of Chiang Mai, two more at large.

Vandalism on Chiang Mai gates. Source: Bangkok Post 20181018

Vandalism on Chiang Mai gates. Source: Bangkok Post 20181018

A Briton and Canadian face 10 years in prison and a 1 million baht fine for tagging an ancient, historical wall in Chiang Mai.

British man Lee Furlong and Canadian national Brittney Lorretta Katherine Schneider, both 23, were arrested Thursday afternoon on suspicion of spray-painting a portion of the city’s Tha Phae Gate.

Security camera from a nearby cafe shows four foreigners approaching the site at about 4am on Thursday. Two of them approach the wall and one begins to spray it. Apparently realizing it was misspelled, the vandal returns to fix it to say “Scouser Lee B.”

Source: Farangs Face Hard Time for Chiang Mai Vandalism | Khaosod English

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