Chiang Mai Gate vandals arrested

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via BBC, 20181019

via BBC and other news outlets, 19 October 2018: Two of the tourists directly responsible for vandalising the Chiang Mai Gate, a Brit and Canadian have been arrested. Their passports have been confiscated and they are waiting for their day in court.

via BBC, 20181019

via BBC, 20181019

A British tourist accused of spray painting his name on a historic landmark in Thailand could face 10 years in prison.

Local police said Lee Furlong, 23, from Liverpool, has admitted defacing Tha Phae Gate in the city of Chiang Mai.

Video appears to show a man spraying “Scouser Lee” on the gate, part of which dates back to the 13th Century.

Supt Teerasak Sriprasert said Mr Furlong would be charged with “vandalising an archaeological site”.

A Canadian woman, Brittney Schneider, has also been arrested and charged with vandalism for allegedly adding her first initial to graffiti on the gate.

“They will face no more than 10 years’ jail [and/or] a fine of no more than a million baht (about £23,555),” Supt Sriprasert said.

Source: Briton faces jail for spraying ‘Scouser Lee’ on Thai gate – BBC News

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Angkor Wat temple graffiti causes stir – Khmer Times

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via Khmer Times, 25 June 2018: The ancient graffiti of Angkor Wat is actually quite interesting and something I encountered while researching the invisible paintings a few years ago. The ‘graffiti’ – most of them inscriptions left behind by pilgrims – sheds light on the history of the temple during the post-Angkorian period and when the temple began to be seen as a Buddhist shrine rather than a Hindu one. Of course, leaving writing on the walls of the temples today is not only highly discouraged, it is downright illegal!

The foreign letters written on the stones of the Angkor Wat temple were written during the 17th century and before the 1990s.

Source: Angkor Wat temple graffiti causes stir – Khmer Times

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The sad state of Gua Tambun

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Vandalism at Gua Tambun

These news stories were posted by Liz Price in a comment on the recent post about Gua Tambun, but I have a particular interest in the site so I’m re-posting them here. Graffiti has always been a problem ever since the site was open to public in the 1970s.

Vandalism at Gua Tambun

Vandalism at Gua Tambun

Heritage site not treasured
The Star, 09 April 2014

Walls of Gua Tambun vandalised with paint and sketches
The Star, 05 April 2014

Gua Tambun jadi mangsa vandalisme
Sinar Harian, 05 April 2014
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