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Coconuts Yangon, 07 June 2017: Naked tourists strike again, this time in Bagan. Some badly behaved tourists decided to strip naked at the sacred temples of Bagan and post it on Instragram. The photos were later taken down, but not before their actions were already captured.

You know, considering that Bagan is literally strewn with signs warning foreigners of dressing inappropriately, you would think that they’d get the hint. However, it seems as though at least one foreigner went screw it, and decided to do away with clothing altogether.

Yesterday, model Warso Moe Oo drew attention to the Instagram account cheekyexploits which, as the name suggests, displays photos of people baring their butts. While we didn’t realize there was an entire part of the internet dedicated to such a bizarre ‘hobby,’ there’s obviously no harm done, right? Well, there wouldn’t be, except a recent post shows a white woman baring her butt in what is supposedly Bagan, according to their geotag.

Source: Instagram couple removes nude photo at Bagan after Myanmar netizens report them | Coconuts Yangon

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