I don’t know if this is some kind of new trend, or just another act of gross stupidity. A pair of tourists, American this time, were caught taking nude photos at Preah Khan. Like the previous French tourists, they were fined, deported and given suspended sentences. Perhaps it is time to give such tourists mandatory jail time?

Preah Khan library

US sisters Lindsey and Leslie Adams arrested for nude photos in temple at Cambodia’s Angkor
AFP, via Radio Australia, 07 February 2015

Sisters ‘arrested and kicked out of Cambodia after taking NAKED photos at sacred Buddhist temple’
The Mirror, 07 February 2015

Arizona sisters arrested for snapping naked pictures at Cambodia Angkor temple: officials
New York Daily News, 07 February 2015

Two American sisters arrested in Cambodia after stripping off and taking nude photos inside the sacred Angkor Wat temple
Daily Mail, 07 February 2015

American Sisters Held for Posing Nude in Cambodian Temple Complex
The Hindustan Times, 07 February 2015

Cambodia detains 2 American female tourists for taking nude photos
Xinhua, via Global Times, 07 February 2015

American sisters arrested for ‘taking naked photos’ in Cambodia’s Angkor Wat
The Telegraph. 07 February 2015

Two American sisters are arrested in Cambodia for taking naked photos inside the Angkor temple complex, officials say.

Two American sisters have been arrested in Cambodia for taking naked photos of each other inside the country’s famed Angkor temple complex in the latest nude stunt by tourists to spark anger, officials say.

Lindsey Adams, 22, and her 20-year-old sister Leslie were discovered taking “nude pictures” inside the Preah Khan temple at the world heritage site on Friday, the Apsara Authority – the government agency managing the Angkor complex – said in a statement.

Full story here.

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