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Trending a few days ago, music superstars Beyonce and Jay-Z visited Angkor Wat last weekend. One of my colleagues, Seng Kompheak, even got to show them around!

Beyonce and Jay-Z at Angkor Wat. Source: Spyghana 20150103

Beyonce and Jay-Z at Angkor Wat. Source: Spyghana 20150103

Beyonce and husband visit to the Angkor Wat Temple
Spyghana, 03 January 2015

Beyonce covers up in a leopard print shirt and clashing camouflage as she and Jay Z soak up the sights of historic Angkor Wat
Daily Mail, 04 January 2015

Jayavarman Z? Jay-Z, Beyonce visit Angkor
Phnom Penh Post, 05 January 2015

Performers Jay-Z and Beyonce, the “King and Queen of Hip-Hop”, paid a royal visit to the ruins of Angkor Wat on Saturday, much to the delight of their fans.

Social media was ablaze with sightings of the American couple as they strolled through the temple complex with an entourage.

“Beyonce is in Cambodia. She visited Angkor Wat. We made it,” tweeted one user.

“Saw Beyonce and Jay-Z at the top of Angkor Wat … couldn’t be more surreal if I tried,” wrote another.

Full story here.

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