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An excavation of a bunker in Surakarta is halted for lack of funds. The bunker is thought to be from the Dutch period, although there is a possibility it might be Japanese.

Excavation of a Dutch bunker in Surakarta, Jakarta Post 20120827

Excavation of a Dutch bunker in Surakarta, Jakarta Post 20120827

Surakarta halts excavation of bunker due to lack of funding
Jakarta Post, 27 August 2012

The Surakarta City Planning Agency (DTRK) halted excavation on Aug. 13 of a colonial-era bunker discovered recently near the City Hall complex in Central Java, because the agency deemed as insufficient the Rp 15 million (US$1,586) in funds provided by the town’s administration.

“We are currently still waiting for recommendations from the excavation team before deciding whether or not to continue the excavation,” the agency head Ahyani said on Monday.

The excavation work has been conducted by a joint team comprising representatives from the Surakarta Municipal Spatial Planning Agency, the Central Java Prehistoric Legacy Conservation Center (BP3) and the Yogyakarta Archeological Center.

Full story here.

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