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The Straits Times’ coverage of the Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre Field School. I’ve been hanging out with the participants this past week and today we are on a field trip to some of the local museums. Posts on that in a few days!

New programme brings SE Asia’s young archaeologists together
The Straits Times, 30 January 2012

While history undergraduate Christine Chan’s peers at the National University of Singapore were busy working on their honours-year theses, she was taking four weeks off to visit Cambodian archaeological sites and attend workshops in the field.

She was among 10 young people from top Asia-Pacific universities picked to attend the first field-school programme organised by the newly set-up Archaeology Unit of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies’ Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre.

Participants spent two weeks in Cambodia’s existing and potential excavation sites this month, and are finishing up a two-week stint here, attending workshops and studying artefacts.

Full story here.

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