Mt Sadahurip pyramid to be investigated

Possible pyramid at Mt Sahidarup? VIVAnews, 20120130

A team of German archaeologists are reportedly investigating if there really is a pyramid at Mt Sadahurip in West Java.

Possible pyramid at Mt Sadahurip? VIVAnews, 20120130
Possible pyramid at Mt Sadahurip? VIVAnews, 20120130

Drilling to Be Set Up to Reveal Garut Pyramid
VIVAnews, 30 December 2011

The controversy of a man-made pyramid-like structure in Mount Sadahurip or Mount Putri in Garut, West Java, will be uncovered in phases. After using georadar, geoelectric, contour photo and IFSAR photo, the Archaeological Catastrophic Team, in a short while will carry out a drilling.

One of the team members, Iwan Sumule, said that the drilling is aimed at furthering the study over the rock formation inside the mount.

“We will probably conduct preliminary excavation in March to study the rock formation,” Iwan Samule told VIVAnews, today, Jan 30.

Full story here.

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Author: Noel Tan

Dr Noel Hidalgo Tan is the Senior Specialist in Archaeology at SEAMEO-SPAFA, the Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Archaelogy and Fine Arts.

2 thoughts on “Mt Sadahurip pyramid to be investigated”

  1. The first thing to check is to see if it’s on an east-west orientation. If it’s not, then most likely, it is a phenomena or “natural causes”….

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