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The 2012 tourism campaign for Ayutthaya will target and highlight the old diplomatic links the ancient Thai capital had with with other countries such as China, Portugal, the Netherlands and Iran.

Remnants of Buddhist Monastary in Ayutthaya Thailand
photo credit: jwvgoethe

Ayutthaya highlights history to lure guests
Bangkok Post, 28 November 2011

Ayutthaya will use its historical relationships with many countries during the time it was the capital of Siam as a theme to promote tourism in 2012.

Governor Withaya Pewpong said the province would promote activities and key events highlighting the “history of relationships” between Ayutthaya and China, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, Japan, Portugal, the Netherlands and Persia (modern-day Iran).

The Ayutthaya era was prosperous in Thai history, marked by good relationships with many countries in terms of diplomacy, religion and trading. For example, the Portuguese village, located in tambon Samphao Lom, shows the long relationship of Ayutthaya and Portugal.

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