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Excavations on a Majapahit-era house in East Java have suspended, pending further instructions from regional and national authorities. Archaeologists has thus far discovered Ming-era ceramics, pottery and tiles.

Excavation of a Majapahit-era house in Tegal Sari. Surabaya Post, 20110110

Majapahit Era Excavation House Retired
Surabaya Post, 10 January 2011
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Excavation of foundation of Majapahit era house in the hamlet of Tegal Sari, Village / District Puri, Mojokerto regency, paused. Institute for Conservation of Archaeological Heritage (BP3) Java in Trowulan, Kab. Mojokerto, Monday (10 / 1), need to get a recommendation from the Central Agency for National Archaeologist and Archaeology Center Jogjakarta about whether the research at the site continued or not.

Monday (10 / 1) today, BP3 Java in Trowulan transmit data and sample excavation to the two institutions are to be studied. ”We do not know whether this research dna excavation continued or not. We await the decision of the center, “says Head of East Java province in Trowulan BP3, Drs Aris Sofiani, about the follow-up cessation of the excavation site for five days until Saturday (8 / 1).

If a team from the Central Agency and the Centre National Archaeologists Archaeologists Yogyakarta Archaeological excavation and research recommendations followed, the team from East Java in Trowulan BP3 will continue.

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