Majapahit house excavation suspended

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Excavations on a Majapahit-era house in East Java have suspended, pending further instructions from regional and national authorities. Archaeologists has thus far discovered Ming-era ceramics, pottery and tiles.

Excavation of a Majapahit-era house in Tegal Sari. Surabaya Post, 20110110

Majapahit Era Excavation House Retired
Surabaya Post, 10 January 2011
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Villagers return thousands of Majapahit bricks

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Villagers from Klinterejo in East Java returned over 2,000 bricks taken from the ground where the remains of the Majapahit kingdom is believed to have centred. Perhaps the recent spotlight of the destruction of Majapahit antiquities may have led to more awareness about the value of ancient remains?

Villagers Give Back 2.150 Majapahit Ancient Bricks
Tempo Interaktif, 10 Feb 2009
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