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Our first story of the year comes from Indonesia, in the East Javan regency of Tulungagung, where a local team has discovered traces of habitation and stone tools in two caves. The finds are thought to be from the mesolithic period (although I am not sure what that means in the Indonesian context – anyone care to shed some light?)

Caveman Findings in Tulungagung
Tempo Interaktif, 04 Jan 2011

The Tulungagung History, Social and Cultural Evaluation Team recently discovered traces of prehistoric people from Mezoliticum era. In addition to food fossils, two caves considered to have been inhabited by prehistoric men were found in Mbolu hamlet, Ngepo Village, Tanggung Gunung subdistrict, Tulungagung Regency.

Triyono, head of the team, said that the Tata and Bonjong caves were not far from the location of 157 prehistoric fossils found at the end of 2009. Prehistoric traces have been further strengthened by the discovery of a niche containing tools.

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