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A Majapahit site is subject to rain and erosion after the tent that ws supposed to protect it collapsed due to bad weather.

Situs Majapahit Terancam Rusak, 15 September 2010. Translated here.

MOJOKERTO – A number of objects of historical relics of the Majapahit Kingdom that is currently in the process of excavation at the site of Majapahit Information Center (PIM) Trowulan, Mojokerto regency, was again threatened damaged. The threat followed a protective device that site is now in poor condition.

From observations at the project site PIM development, several ancient buildings dot the excavation team found it protected by a tent made of tarpaulin. Unfortunately, none of which still have the tent roof. The rooftop tent collapsed allegedly due to wind and rain hit by lightning strikes lately.

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