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Imagine taking your avatar through an exploration of ancient locales, completing quests and collecting artifacts while battling other players in an massive multiplayer online game. World of Warcraft? Not quite – more like World of Temasek, an online game set to be released later this year is an initiative by Singapore’s National Heritage Board to bring young people into the world of 14th century Singapore.

Museums go interactive to get more interest in Singapore’s heritage
Channel NewsAsia, 10 April 2010

Museums are not always about the past. They are finding their place in the future – by going interactive – virtually.

It is part of efforts to get the internet-savvy generation interested in Singapore’s heritage.

Discover Singapore in the 14th Century as you play the game “The World of Temasek”.

The game, which will be made available online for free later this year, comes with nuggets of information to make history easier to digest.

To play the game and to create a virtual role-playing experience, you will first have to choose the type of character that you want to be, which boils down to even the type of hair style and clothes.

Once you’re done, you will then be transported to the “World of Temasek”, where you will go on quests and learn about 14th Century Singapore along the way.

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