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It’s mid-December already, and I haven’t posted any news so far on account of being in Hanoi for the first couple of weeks, and then falling majorly sick after returning. So rather than trying to catch up with three week’s worth of archaeology news from Southeast Asia, here’s all of them in one brilliant link dump, sorted by date (most recent ones first) and country.



  • Conservation center prepares to excavate ‘temple’ site (15/12)
  • Unearthing Indonesia’s forgotten heritage (4/12)
  • Indonesia’s National Museum Stands Test of Time (29/11)
  • Arkeolog Temukan Ribuan Uang Kuno di Situs Majapahit (25/11) Describes the find of thousands of artefacts, including coins and weapons, at the Majapahit Trowulan site. In Indonesian.


  • Lenggong Valley suggested as world archaeological heritage site (17/12)
  • Lenggong Valley To Be Nominated As World Heritage Site (17/12)
  • Uncovering sunken treasure (5/12)
  • Unesco Recognition Of Inscribed Stone Boost For Heritage Preservation (2/12)
  • Malaysian Islamic artefact listed as UN treasure (2/12)
  • Sister cities: Lessons from the far east (25/11) – Compares the similarities between Ahmedabad in India and the World Heritage Site of Melaka in Malaysia.


  • ‘Balangay’ takes a break, will sail anew in January (18/12)
  • Quickie tour of National Museum for ‘balikbayan’ (6/12)


  • Khon Kaen National Museum loses ancient objects to robbers (9/12)
  • Give Buddha’s head peace (29/11)
  • Saving paintings with fire (28/11)
  • Restorers race against time (28/11)
  • Police crack down on temple thieves (26/11)
  • Concern over online trade in antiquities (25/11)
  • Dept begins inspections of antique shops in city (24/11)


  • Lam Dong to display artifacts to mark Hanoi’s 1,000th birthday (13/12) [Link no longer active]
  • Foreign scientists tour Thanh Hoa’s archaeological sites (8/12) [Link no longer active]
  • My Son celebrates its 10th anniversary of UNESCO recognition (7/12) [Link no longer active]
  • Temple of Literature stone steles seek world heritage status (5/12) [Link no longer active]
  • Storming a historic bastion (5/12) [Link no longer active]
  • Van Mieu steles, stone plateau seek world recognition (3/12) [Link no longer active]
  • Vietnam proposes UNESCO 2 new world heritages (1/12) [Link no longer active]
  • Nguyen-era items show in Hue (25/11) [Link no longer active]
  • Saving Han-Nom heritage (24/11) [Link no longer active]
  • Ancient bronze drum, holy cow displayed in Quang Tri (23/11)

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