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A special symposium will be held next week at the Bangkok National Museum in conjunction with the Dvaravati exhibition.

Before Siam was Born: New Research on Dvaravati
Date: 03 September 2009
Time: 09:00 am – 04:00 pm
National Museum Bangkok
Information and reservation: Nicolas Revire

What do we really know about Dvaravati? It is often referred to as a kingdom, a time period, a material culture, a geographical entity or an art style in ancient Thailand. But what is the archaeological evidence for such claims? Who were the inhabitants in central Thailand ca. 7th-8th centuries A.D. and what language(s) did they speak or use? What was their relationship with neighboring cultures? Did they share common cultural and religious practices? What about the art produced?

Today, in conjunction with the “Dvaravati exhibition” held at the National Museum Bangkok (August 14- October 2009), The National Museum Volunteers is pleased to present the first international symposium on Dvaravati studies in Bangkok. With the participation of local and international experts from different backgrounds and institutions, it is hoped that the audience will get a better definition and understanding of Dvaravati and the early history of Thailand in its broader context.

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