Terracotta Army invades Bangkok

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Terracotta warrior on display at the National Museum Bangkok. Source: Bangkok Post 20190913

via Bangkok Post, 13 Sep 2019: The Terracotta Warriors are on display at the National Museum at Bangkok until the end of the year! I should make a visit soon.

To celebrate the relationship between Thailand and China, this is a collaboration of Thailand’s Fine Arts Department with the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Heritage Administration, Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Promotion Center and Qin Shihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum.

Located in Siwamokkhaphiman Hall, which was once a part of the Front Palace, the exhibition entitled “Qin Shi Huang: The First Emperor Of China And Terracotta Warriors” will display more than 100 artefacts that reflect the grandeur of the Qin Dynasty.

Source: Terracotta Army invades Bangkok