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The Sabahan site of Bukit Tengkorak is slated by the Malaysian government to be developed as the next new tourism site and archaeological park. The neolithic artifact remains from Bukit Tengkorak give the impression that the site was a nexus for exchange in ideas and good from island Southeast Asia to the west to the Melanesia in the east.

Bukit Tengkorak To Be Developed Into New Tourism Attraction
Bernama, 18 April 2008

The Bukit Tengkorak site also gives us a better of idea of the human migrations and interactions that took place in the neolithic, and also a nuanced understanding of the Austronesian migration from Taiwan. Check out earlier Bukit Tengkorak stories here and here.

“They include those from primitive men and artefacts used by traders from states around the Andaman Sea region,” he told reporters after visiting the Bukit Tengkorak archeological site here today.

He said the discovery of more than 6,000 porcelain ware nearly two decades ago had contributed to making Bukit Tengkorak an area that must be visited by archeological enthusiasts.

I wonder if such the heritage development of Bukit Tengkorak will result in something like the Bujang Valley Archaeological Park.

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