There’ll be few updates this week as a leave for Malaysia this evening to visit my MA supervisor as well as make a side trip to Kedah – what used to be called Kadaram or Kataha in ancient times – to take a look at the Bujang Valley.

Of course, I’ll post about it when I return! In the meantime, Wednesday Rojak will be up as scheduled on, of course, Wednesday, and then look forward to Angkor-themed wallpapers that you can download for free on Friday!

You can see my Bujang Valley posts at
An archaeological region older than Angkor Wat
Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum

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3 Replies to “Exploring ancient Kadaram”

  1. For those who are interested to explore the bujang Valley civilization, I have a GOOD NEWS! We are conducting archeo- heritage visits to Bujang Valley. contact me for further details at travel_gk@yahoo.com.

    Best wishes

    Museum Volunteers Malaysia (MVM)

  2. Hello,
    I’m interested in visiting the Hindu-Buddhist temple at Kadaram. How do I arrange for a tour? I’m also a museum volunteer guide in Singapore. What’s the best way of getting there? Fly to Penang and take a ?coach/bus/taxi?
    Are the ruins still recognisable as a temple?

  3. Dear Ms.Ma Swan Hoo,

    Thanks for your interest on Bujang Valley ( Kadaram). Friends of Museum Singapore (FOM) will be visiting Bujang Valley between 22 – 24 April 2011. They have only few seats available. Kindly join the group. Several well known Archeological Prof’s are also joining the group. It’s going to be exciting. This is FOM’s second visit to Bujang Valley within 6 months. Kindly contact Madam Patricia Welch at : pbjwelch@gmail.com

    But, if you are interested to organise your own group to visit Bujang Valley, then kindly email me at travel_gk@yahoo.com for the itinerary.

    Eventhough the current ruins are temples 1000 years back, but the ruins are not recognised as temples. No rituals to done there. It’s under the Museum, now. You come and see how the museum taking care of the sites..

    Very soon, me and my fellow Bujang Valley enthusiast will be starting a camping trips and online discussion group dedicated to Bujang Valley.

    There are many new developments have taken place in Bujang Valley. Hope to see you soon.


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