Catch me at the Public Archaeology Twitter Conference – 5 Sep 2019

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Just a quick blurb for the Fourth Public Archaeology Twitter Conference (#PATC4) happening this Thursday, starting at 3pm Thailand time. The conference theme is Archaeology: Access, Barriers and Participation and I’ll be presenting at 3.45pm Bangkok time on my pet topic for the year, the
Two-World Problem. If you’re on Twitter, you can also follow me at @seaarch

Is archaeology ‘for all’ or does it remain an elite professional pursuit and a niche hobby? How can archaeologists best involve their stakeholders, co-produce archaeological work and ensure archaeology is accessible, safe and open? How do members of the public want to be involved? Do they at all? How does law, policy and planning affect how archaeology is undertaken and shared? Do you need a qualification to be an archaeologist, or is experience enough?

Source: Public Archaeology Twitter Conference