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It’s time again for another edition of Rojak! – a mix of entries trawled from the web about archaeology and Southeast Asia. In this edition, we visit temples in Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia:

  • Pigtales visits the Buddhist and Hindu complexes of Borobudur and Prambanan.
  • Zheng He has a blog?! Yes, if you wish to know more about the famous Chinese admiral whose explorations took him as far west as East Africa, you can read more about him on My Wonderful Travellings.
  • Thinking of visiting Thailand? You shouldn’t miss a trip to Ayuthuyya, the old kingdom of Siam. You can find a detailed map of the Ayutthaya Historical Park here.
  • Adam Bryan-Brown posts a lenghty account about visiting the temples of Angkor entitled Marvellous Angkor.

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