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The Living Angkor Road Project is an example of how the web can help make the work of archaeology more accessible to public. I’ve previously posted a mention about the Living Angkor Road Project, a collaboration between Thailand and Cambodia to identify a royal road connecting Phimai and Angkor. The project has a homepage online, a wiki in fact, detailing the objectives and outline of the research.

Living Angkor Road Project

Besides a detailed research rationale and methodology outline, the wiki also has a few photo galleries for you to check out the sights along the way. The photographs are written labelled in Thai, I think.

It’s promising to see research projects like these, especially from Southeast Asia, go up online because they immediately open a world of information to the public. Hopefully in the next decade we’ll see more and more research project pages go online. I’ll file this link in the links/resources section as well.

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