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7 October 2006 (The Star)Liz Price covers the sale of excess finds from shipwrecks in Malaysian waters at the Aquaria in KLCC. Watch out for the podcast coming soon!

The Star, 7 Oct 2006

Wreck finds for sale

How would you like to be the owner of a 1,000-year-old piece of pottery recovered from the Malaysian seabed?

Thousands of such treasures are on sale in Kuala Lumpur in a month-long exhibition. Treasures of the South China Sea at Aquaria, KLCC shows pottery and ceramics recovered from 10 shipwrecks found in Malaysian waters, and all the pieces are up for sale. Rest assured that you are buying a genuine piece, as its origin and history are known.

Items include Ming dynasty celadon dishes, vases, Sukhothai fish plate, porcelain ewers, Qing dynasty blue and white dishes, brown glazed jars, covered boxes and jars, teapots, bowls and spoons. There are even 1,000-year-old bronze gongs.

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