Wanli: The Untold Story From The Deep Waters

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4 December 2006 (Bernama) – A feature on one of the shipwrecks in the South China Sea, the Wanli, which was excavated by Nanhai Marine Archaeology.

Wanli: The Untold Story From The Deep Waters

In year 1625, a Portuguese vessel set off from China on a voyage to the Straits of Melaka. Onboard were tonnes of chinaware and pottery that would bring lucrative profits for the Portuguese.

However, the ship now named “Wanli” never reached the Portuguese fort of Melaka as she sank half way sailing through the South China Sea.

The ill-fated voyage of Wanli remained a mystery until almost four centuries later when her wreckage was discovered buried deep in the ocean off the coast of Terengganu together with her precious cargo.

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