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Chinese tourists in Myanmar. Source: The Irrawaddy 20190925

via The Irrwdady, 25 Sep 2019: Chinese tourists behaving badly in Myanmar’s tourist sites, including sacred temples and archaeological sites.

“Most [foreign] tourists follow the rules on how they should behave while they are observing the peaceful monastery life here. But the Chinese do not,” U Nyein Kyaw Kyaw Win, a member of the Mandalay Tourist Guide Association’s executive committee, told The Irrawaddy.

The tour guide, who caters to Chinese travelers, complained that most of his clients rarely follow the rules, such as taking off their shoes at pagodas. “We warn women not to wear shorts when visiting religious sites, but they ignore us,” he said.

Myanmar society still mostly adheres to well-established dress codes, particularly regarding skirt length for women. In religious buildings, the knees and shoulders should be covered, and it is customary to remove one’s shoes.

Source: Badly Behaved Chinese Tourists Draw Local Ire in Myanmar

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