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via Philippine Inquirer, 25 April 2019: An opinion piece by Kate Tantuico on the hard work by cultural heritage advocates in the Philippines.

Recent groundbreaking archaeological studies in Callao, Cagayan, in Rizal, Kalinga, in the Tabon Cave in Palawan and other archaeological sites in the Philippines have changed the course of the history of Southeast Asia. These are invaluable contributions to Philippine prehistory that would have never come into fruition if there was a dearth of archaeologists in the Philippines.

The film shows that it takes grit, patience and, above all, perseverance to thrive in the realm of Philippine art and culture. Emerging archaeological, cultural and historical research must always be recognized and appreciated for the time and effort expended to provide information for the enrichment of Philippine art, history and culture.

Struggling Filipino cultural advocates must remember that they produce information that the whole world and future generations can enjoy; thus, their dreams are never worth giving up, no matter how harsh the “real world” may be.

Source: ‘Alone/Together’ and Filipino cultural advocates | Inquirer Opinion

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