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Excavations at Khok Phutsa. Source: Fine Arts Department, via Bangkok Post 20190408
Excavations at Khok Phutsa. Source: Fine Arts Department, via Bangkok Post 20190408

via Bangkok Post, 08 April 2019: Archaeological excavations at Khok Phutsa in Lopburi province.

Sorathach Rotchanarat, an archaeologist from the Fine Arts Department, spent a couple months with his team to dig out the soil and collect evidence to indicate that there was a community living in the area since the New Iron Age, around 3,100-3,800 years ago. The site he most recently discovered is called Khok Phutsa, the newest archaeological site out of 116 that have been excavated in the Lop Buri River Basin over the past 80 years. Khok Phutsa is located about 5km from the King Narai the Great’s Monument, the landmark of the city.

“I was very excited and happy when we first discovered some artefacts last December. So far we’ve found more than 10,000 broken clay pots and other items at this site,” he said.

The excavation of Khok Phutsa started in December last year, after the land owner informed the Fine Arts Department about the discovery of ancient clay pot fragments. Alongside Sorathach, a team of archaeologists led by Pakpadee Yukongdi of the Fine Arts Department, together with Dr Roberto Ciarla and Dr Fiorella Rispoli from Italy, visited the site. The Italian experts worked with the Fine Arts Department through the joint Thai-Italian Lopburi Regional Archaeological Project (LoRAP), founded in 1988 to study archaeology in the Lop Buri River Basin.

Source: Past lives | Bangkok Post: lifestyle

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