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Sharks in Lake Sentani. Source: Jakarta Post, 20190319
Sharks in Lake Sentani. Source: Jakarta Post, 20190319

via Jakarta Post, 19 Mar 2019: The headline doesn’t sound very archaeological, but the underlying story reveals a changing landscape over geological time which have led sharks to adapt to a freshwater environment.

Sentani is located about 36 kilometers from downtown Jayapura. Iconic Lake Sentani, the largest lake in Papua, is located at an altitude of 75 meters above sea level.

A researcher from the Papua Archaeological Center, Hari Suroto, said in the past the lake formed part of the sea but had moved inland over the centuries, therefore there were records that showed sharks had lived in its waters.

“This part of the sea is connected to rivers and springs on the Cycloops mountain,” he said on Tuesday as quoted by

The movement of the earth’s layers, Hari added, had changed Lake Sentani into a fresh water body.

Source: Baby sharks found in Sentani after deadly flood – National – The Jakarta Post

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