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Source: Chiang Mai City Life, 20190301
Source: Chiang Mai City Life, 20190301
Source: Chiang Mai City Life, 20190301

via Chiang Mai City Life, 01 Mar 2019: Reflections on the process of nomination a property for World Heritage listing.

You may be surprised to learn that Chiang Mai is well on its way to submitting its final dossier to UNESCO in our bid to become Thailand’s first living heritage city. It has involved an extraordinary amount of work by people from many sectors. And while UNESCO suggests an indicative timeframe of ten years for the preparation of nominations, and we have been at it for just over three years since we were placed on the tentative list in 2015, those leading the charge say that they may be ready to submit in as little as a year’s time. If accepted, this would be a great honour and boon for Chiang Mai; if not, the process itself has been an invaluable asset to the development of the city…and we will still have many years to regroup and reapply.

Source: Our Journey to becoming a UNESCO World Heritage City

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