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Preah Ptihu by S-F / Shutterstock

via Khmer Times, 20 November 2018: Preah Pithu is a group of temples in the northern area of Angkor Thom.

Preah Ptihu by S-F / Shutterstock

Preah Ptihu by S-F / Shutterstock

The Apsara Authority has formed a committee tasked with relocating vendors and parking spaces around Preah Pithu temple in order to restore public order in the area.

The Apsara Authority on Friday held a meeting over the matter and formed the committee while discussing a solution to a growing number of vendors and visitors at the temple in Angkor Thom, northeast of the Bayon temple in front of Tep Pranam.

Sok Sangvar, deputy director-general of the Apsara Authority, yesterday said that a growing number of vendors and visitors, who park archaically, have led to public disorder around the temple.

Source: Apsara Authority looks to relocate Preah Pithu temple vendors – Khmer Times

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