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Ha Long Bay. Source: Khmer Times 20180824

via Khmer Times, 24 August 2018:

Ha Long Bay. Source: Khmer Times 20180824

Ha Long Bay. Source: Khmer Times 20180824

Cambodia and Vietnam should work together to promote their popular tourist draws, particularly Ha Long Bay in Northern Vietnam, and the Angkor archaeological complex in Siem Reap, according to a Vietnamese official.

Nguyen Khao Thai, an official at the Vietnamese Ministry of Information and Communication, proposed the idea.

“Ha Long Bay, is one of the most beautiful bays and a Unesco-listed site that attracts around 7 million local and foreign tourists every year.

“Cambodia’s Angkor Wat is also a Unesco site that attracts millions of tourists, so both countries should jointly promote tourism packages to these destinations to increase the number of visitors.”

Source: Vietnam, Cambodia should cooperate in tourism: official – Khmer Times

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