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The Vietnam Maritime Archaeology Project needs your help! In 2016 and 2017 the VMAP team identified a neolithic site (estimated 3000BP) at a modern burial ground at Minh Chau on Quan Lan Island. In 2018 the team carried out limited excavations to gain an understanding of the deposit and it boundaries. VMAP needs financial or institutional support for large scale excavations at this emerging site. For three years the project has been funded through the generosity of individual participants with some assistance from Minelab Electronics and Send-To, however if we cannot raise the funds necessary to carry out excavations at Minh Chau in 2019 the project will be ‘parked’. The VMAP team will continue with research into the ancient port of Van Don in 2019. If anyone has any ideas about how to fund the continuing excavations at Minh Chau please contact the project coordinator Bob Sheppard at

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