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via MongaBay, 10 August 2018: Posting because of cultural heritage interest. The Indonesian government’s One Map database has decided to exclude maps of indigenous territories (although the government is saying they want to include the maps once all the local governments have adopted them).

  • The Indonesian government has decided to not include maps of indigenous territory in its unified land-use map database when it is launched this month, despite the fact that some of the maps have been formally recognized by local governments.
  • The exclusion has drawn criticism from indigenous rights activists, who say it defeats the purpose of the so-called one-map policy, which is to resolve land conflicts, much of which involve disputes over indigenous lands.
  • The activists say the exclusion of the customary maps effectively signals the government’s denial of the existence of indigenous lands.
  • For its part, the government says the customary maps will be included once all of them have been formally recognized by local governments — a tedious and time-consuming process that requires the passage of a bylaw in each of the hundreds of jurisdictions in which indigenous lands occur.

Source: Indonesia’s ‘one-map’ database blasted for excluding indigenous lands

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