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via Phnom Penh Post, 07 August 2018: Potential for technology to disrupt the tourism industry in Siem Reap, but part of this story doesn’t make sense. Guidebooks and apps about Angkor are already widely available (eg. the award-winning Interactive Guide to Angkor by archaeologists Dougald O’Reilly and Charles Higham). Tour guides do offer one advantage over apps and books – the personal touch and the ability to ‘read’ the tourist for things that might interest them more. Perhaps that is one way for the tourism industry to adapt – by offering quality and personalisation.

Tour guides at the Kingdom’s historical sites are voicing concern over an audio tour app they said is threatening their careers. Developed by local company Angkor Audio, the app provides spoken tours in 14 languages.

Source: Tour guides voice concern over app that will offer audio tours

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