Angkor Wat’s causeway renovation

Angkor Wat Causeway. Source: Bangkok Post 20160509

Lost month a restoration project for the main causeway leading to Angkor Wat was launched. The project is led by Sophia University in Japan.

Angkor Wat Causeway. Source: Bangkok Post 20160509
Angkor Wat Causeway. Source: Bangkok Post 20160509

Cambodia, Japan restore Angkor Wat causeway
Kyodo News, via Bangkok Post 09 May 2016

Japan Pledges $26m to Restore Angkor Wat Temples
VOA Khmer, 11 May 2016

Cambodia and Japan began Monday a four-year project to restore the ruined western causeway at Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple.

Speaking at the launch of the Angkor Wat restoration project, Deputy Prime Minister Sok An said “today’s event reflects the robust spirit of international cooperation and solidarity in the protection, safeguarding and conservation of the heritage of humanity in accordance with the motto ‘heritage for all, all for heritage’.”

Sok An said Japan is playing a significant role in the process, providing financial and technical supports to Cambodia, especially for the conservation and restoration of Bayon Temple and causeway at Angkor Wat, which is the main gateway to the site.

Full stories here and here.

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