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Following a round of consultation with Unesco, the Myanmar Ministry of Culture is hoping to work with hotels in Bagan whose property is encroaching the heritage zone. Some demolition may be involved.

Source: TTR Weekly 20150511

Source: TTR Weekly 20150511

Bagan plans heritage clean up
TTR Weekly, 11 May 2015

Myanmar’s Ministry of Culture plans to take action against hotels built illegally within Bagan’s ancient city and temple complex.

It could result in some tourist hotels being demolished if the local government acts, but officials are reluctant to cross swords with former military junta leaders, who still wield considerable influence.

Mandalay Region government officials told Myanmar Times that the culture ministry is considering legal action against some hotels very shortly.

“The law for ancient culture protection has already been adopted by the Ministry of Culture. Some hotels in Old Bagan are in the ancient heritage zone and are now under scrutiny,” the source said.

Full story here.

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